Londoner Sofa Bed

Comfort Rating

  • Sofa Length 2.2m x Sofa Depth 0.91m
  • Bed Length 1.8m x Bed Width 1.4m
  • Bed projected leg rest  is 0.64 from the front of the sofa seat
  • Londoner is your classic Chesterfield feeling look
  • Great little pull out bed system taking up such little space in front
  • Very easy to pull out and pop up to create the bed configuration
  • Fantastic soft feeling with top quality foam and no bars or frame to hurt your back
  • So simple and easy to assemble as we have virtually done all the work for you.
  • Any parts and hardware are all backed up in our warehouse
  • trusted and reliable warranty for 5 years at our standard non-promotion non-discounted price.
  • Heavy rolled arms for plenty of comfort with great length on this 3 seater size unit

Product Description

The Londoner Sofa Bed

By smooch is a favourite design with its pull out ottoman and nice to use as a footrest while in the Sofa Position. another great aspect is the size of the sleeping area and ease of the pullout bed transformation.

We Have the Dark grey and the Brushed Brown in stock and can order a bespoke colour to suit you.